WB EDIF Success Stories

In 2017 WB EDIF published its first collection of stories from the Region. This booklet also gives a concise overview of the WB EDIF platform and main targets.


Guarantee Facility

What is WB EDIF’s Guarantee Facility?

The WB EDIF Guarantee Facility is managed by the EIF and provides guarantees and counter-guarantees to financial intermediaries in the Western Balkans, supporting SMEs with growth potential.

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21 Mar
- 2016

The WBEDIF Guarantee Facility II Call for Expression of Interest goes live

Following the good results of the first round of financing of the WBEDIF Guarantee Facility, and with the endorsement of the Platform Adivisory Group (PAG), the instrument has been replenished with additional European Union funding. On 18 March 2016 the corresponding Call for Expression of Interest went live and the EIF shall begin receiving applications and selecting Financial Intermediaries to allocate funding to. Read more

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