What is a financial intermediary?

WB EDIF exists as a platform which serves to centralize expertise from around Europe to contribute – both via financial instruments as well as support measures – to creating a better future for SMEs.

In such a role, WB EDIF works via several financial intermediaries – in the form of funds and banks – in order to deploy its funding.

Any information pertaining therefore to new and upcoming opportunities to collaborate with WB EDIF will be made available here.

Open calls for Financial Intermediaries

EU for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans

WB EDIF GF Youth is a window of the Western Balkans EDIF Guarantee Facility, under which EIF will provide first-loss capped guarantees to selected Financial Intermediaries that build up a portfolio of debt instruments to SMEs established and operational in the Western Balkans region. The open Call for Expression of Interest is currently open for applications from eligible financial intermediaries under the "EU for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans". Please refer to EIF's dedicated WB EDIF page for more information here.

Find out more: Open Call for Expression of Interest

Which financial intermediaries are eligible to apply for the WB EDIF Guarantee Facility?

The Guarantee Facility of WB EDIF specifically targets financial or credit institutions, guarantee schemes including mutual guarantee organisations, micro-finance institutions, and any other financial institution providing loans and/or guarantees to SMEs which are established in the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo*, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia), or in the case of the EU for Serbia guarantee, financial institutions established in Serbia. Activities carried-out by SMEs should not breach ethical principles or focus on any of the restricted sectors.

What are the benefits of becoming an intermediary under the WB EDIF Guarantee Facility?

The key benefit of becoming a financial intermediary under the WB EDIF Guarantee Facility is that EIF provides a guarantee or counter-guarantee on part of the risk incurred of the SME loan portfolio which the financial intermediary builds up; this will enable the financial intermediaries to increase their loan volumes and to provide loans at more favourable conditions resulting in a broadened customer base and expanded business activities.

More about WB EDIF's existing financial intermediaries


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