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WB EDIF GF Youth Employment brochure

In December 2018, an additional funding of EUR 10m was contracted to support Youth Employment lending in the Western Balkans Beneficiaries Economies (“WB EDIF GF Youth Employment”), which could provide up to EUR 85m of loans to SMEs.

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Slobodan Bojanic set up Printcom in Novi Sad, Serbia in 2007 with his wife. Since then, this family business has developed to become a well-established distributor of printing supplies that sells all over the Balkans.

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Elite Travel Group

Elite Travel Group is located in Elbasan, Albania 45km from Tirana. The travel company started small in 2000 and grew bigger diversifying its portfolio to include seven business lines, thus keeping up with changing trends in the marketplace.

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Alu-point windows

Alu-point is a company that specialises in the production and export of aluminium windows, based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and founded by Taib Hido.

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Amplitudo helps students in Montenegro learn from home

By Stasha  Igrutinovic

The coronavirus outbreak forced many schools in Montenegro to close their grounds in an effort to curb infection rates. This sudden shift left many in the dark as to how to continue their education without an adequate digital infrastructure to support distance learning. But Amplitudo, a rising ICT leader and problem solver in Podgorica, was quick to find a solution.

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WorkPuls: Tackling time tracking

By Pedja Predin

WorkPuls was launched in 2016 as an automated time tracking and employee monitoring software. At the time of ENIF’s first investment in 2016, the company had just started to generate some early revenue. It was founded by Ivan Petrovic, a young and talented entrepreneur who tackled time tracking as a problem that he identified and was experiencing himself.

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Can Private Equity or Venture Capital Work for You

Here it is – the online-publication on Private Equity/Venture Capital Training preparedness for SMEs: “Can Private Equity or Venture Capital Work for You”, released by the World Bank. This guide is targeted at SME owners and managers of SMEs in the Western Balkans who are interested in developing their businesses and are considering whether venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) could be an option. Read more

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