By Stasha  Igrutinovic

The coronavirus outbreak forced many schools in Montenegro to close their grounds in an effort to curb infection rates. This sudden shift left many in the dark as to how to continue their education without an adequate digital infrastructure to support distance learning. But Amplitudo, a rising ICT leader and problem solver in Podgorica, was quick to find a solution.

Over the past few years, the EBRD and the European Union – through the Western Balkans Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility – supported Amplitudo with bespoke business advice, from strategy to quality management. The advisory spurred its growth and built up its capacity to churn out the most innovative solutions as a digital leader. Nowadays, Amplitudo is working as a consultant helping other Montenegrin businesses harness digitalisation to navigate ongoing challenges and prepare for the post-pandemic recovery. More importantly, they are giving back to their community.

In response to the coronavirus, the software expert collaborated with the Montenegrin Ministry of Education and used its ICT skills to create a free-of-charge online learning platform (Učidoma) consisting of a website, Youtube channel and an app all in one. Amplitudo made its educational resources, designed for the interaction of both teachers and students, instantly available to the Ministry of Education and other state institutions. Since the start of the project, they have helped deliver over 3,000 pre-recorded lessons to students, accelerating schools’ digital innovation, resilience and helping them reduce risks of transmission.