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Accountancy education – collection of good practices

This publication is a collection of good practices in Accountancy Education, organized on a thematic basis and shared by universities, Professional Accountancy Organizations, and members of the EU-REPARIS Program’s Education Community of Practice (EduCop).

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Success Story Education Benchmarking

Sound systems of accountancy education increase the labor readiness and skills of the next generation accountancy workforce, produce competent and capable practitioners whose expertise and professionalism contribute significantly to financial decision making and help build public trust and confidence.

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Reporting by audit oversight bodies

This paper aims to provide a brief synopsis on the topic of reporting by audit oversight bodies (“AOBs”) through their annual and inspection reports. It outlines international principles and legislative requirements, highlights certain good practices and shares results from a focused survey across EU-REPARIS and STAREP countries.

Lending practices in Serbia

This paper presents the findings of a survey of bank lending practices to SMEs in Serbia conducted by the World Bank Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (CFRR)3 at the end of June 2016.

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The Central Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (CESEE) Bank Lending Survey

The Central Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (CESEE) Bank Lending Survey is a biannual survey covering around 15 international banking groups and 85 local subsidiaries or independent local banks. The survey is a unique instrument for monitoring banking sector trends and challenges in CESEE.

Competitiveness in South East Europe – A Policy Outlook 2018

The second edition of Competitiveness in South East Europe: A Policy Outlook seeks to help SEE policy makers assess progress made towards their growth goals and benchmark them against regional peers and OECD good practices. The 17 policy dimensions addressed in this report encompass a wide range of areas key to economic competitiveness including the business environment, skills and capacity, the region’s economic structure and its governance.

WB EDIF Success Stories

In 2017 WB EDIF published its first collection of stories from the Region. This booklet also gives a concise overview of the WB EDIF platform and main targets.

IP Toolkit for SMEs – User Guide

This toolkit is aimed at releasing investment opportunities and unlocking commercial and funding potential in intangible and intellectual property (IP) assets in the Western Balkans. The toolkit provides a mixture of educational material, templates and resources that will enable SMEs to understand the importance of IP and implement suitable IP processes and strategies for their specific circumstances.

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