Improving access to finance for entrepreneurs

WB EDIF offers different types of financing and support to accompany and help SMEs throughout all stages of their lifecycle under the platform’s four pillars.

From concept stage, through to start-up, expansion and beyond, WB EDIF provides tailored financial support as well as advice.

In order to find out which of WB EDIF’s solutions might be right for you, please answer these three short questions.

Advice and Support for SMEs

Advice for Small Businesses

The EBRD has been deploying its Advice for Small Businesses (ASB) for over 20 years with the help of EU funding and, since 2015, has developed a specific pocket of funding linked directly to WB EDIF. Under ASB, EBRD arranges for local and international consultants to offer support under all aspects of enterprise management, including accounting, financial reporting, marketing, sales, strategy, human resource management and many more.

Find out more about the ASB programme

Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets toolkit

Both the monetisation of intangible assets and the power of intellectual property in creating value for enterprises are becoming evermore relevant for today’s companies.
Take advantage of our toolkit to see how you could benefit from this.

IP Toolkit for SMEs User Guide Introduction to Intellectual Property IP Case Studies IP Processes IP Commercialisation paths

WB EDIF in your country

WB EDIF operates in 7 Balkan beneficiary economies and provides millions of euros of support.

295m € invested in WBEDIF
760m € available since inception
500 support projects
5,390 SMEs supported since inception
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