On Dec 28, 2015 the second ENEF deal was signed – a  EUR 2 million quasi-equity investment  in Krajina Klas co-financed on pari passu basis by EBRD and ENEF. Krajina Klas is the leading bakery and confectionery company in the Republika Srpska (RS), entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The proceeds of the investment will be used to assist the Company’s production capacity and retail expansion by increasing its number of own stores over the next three years. The ENEF co-investment will enable strong post-investment support for the achievement of the agreed Value Creation Plan.

The Company has been present in the market for 20 years with a successful track record of growth from a family-house bakery to a leading bakery and confectionery producer. The Company has two production sites and operates 25 retail bakery and confectionery stores across BiH, in addition to wholesale distribution and large retailers. Krajina Klas produces a variety of bakery and confectionery items, from cakes, ice cream, pizza, focaccia to fresh pasta in dedicated bakery shops and bakery cafés. The Company is constantly innovating with two new products introduced on average per month, resulting in high customer interest and satisfaction (contrary to the rest of small bakeries with standard product range).